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20 years hard work, AINFO get good reputation by providing competitive product & service. Now, is the time to build stronger relationship w/ representative to better serve our customer worldwide.

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About A-INFO

Chengdu AINFO Inc. (hereinafter A-INFO) was founded in 2000 and focus on Antenna, Microwave/RF components and related services.

A-INFO is ISO 9001:2008 certified company and maintains a stringent quality control process allowing us to provide high-end products which meet the requirements of the military, aerospace, and other high-reliability applications.

A-INFO products have competitive advantages in three important areas:

  Quality, we offer reliable, consistent, good quality products.

  Price, thanks to our strict cost control management, we are able to offer the similar products at normally 2/3 average price, for products on the shelf, the price could be even better.

  Delivery, this is the thing that we are really proud of. Our standard delivery time is 1/4 of the average US company standard delivery time.

Besides the standard products offered, we also do customization. Even you only need one piece, you will still receive warm and professional treatment. Our qualified sales engineer will reply your inquiry within 48 hours.

A-INFO is proud to be a reliable supplier for all your Microwave, RF and Antenna requirement.

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Tel: +86-10-6266-7326 / +86-10-6266-7327
Fax: +86-10-6266-7379

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